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Small Actions Can Make The Difference

At Noble Nutrition, we feel it's important to do what we can to help preserve what remains of our natural environment. This includes reducing unnecessary waste by utilizing paperless options, purchasing used items, and when able, recycling. Recycling might be a bit of a scam, we get it. But it's probably not a total scam. So, if some benefit can be had from recycling, we're going to do that.

"Recycling might be a bit of a scam, we get it. But it's probably not a total scam. So, if some benefit can be had from recycling, we're going to do that."

However, meal prep is also very important. And unfortunately, due to a packaging situation last week, meal prep took precedent over any concerns about excess waste.

Unfortunately, I had to use 7 non-recyclable bags to store my meal prep chicken in. "Unfortunately" because some of these 7 bags will very likely end up floating around in the environment, and that's just not so great. was either use these disposable bags, or let the chicken go bad & bye bye meal prep. And I really don't like wasting food.


Fast Forward to This Week. I was unpacking the previously bagged chicken & discarding the bags when I realized: You can push the air out of these bags & put them inside of each other. You contain the potential environmental damage of 7 bags, and condense that into one. Such a simple thing to do, with a pretty decent environmental payoff.

Point being: Why not make an effort to put these bits of waste inside of each other, if you can? What would our global waste volume look like if everyone consolidated their trash like this?


Other practical actions you can take for a cleaner, healthier locale include:

-Picking up litter while you're walking outside is probably #1. Make it a game: "Who can pick up the most?" Just be careful, bring a bag, and use common sense. It's easy to fill a garbage bag on a 30-minute walk. What if you did that every day for a year?

-Planting trees & bushes can help provide more oxygen for our atmosphere, while also reducing carbon dioxide.

-Donating used items to charity or Goodwill, instead of disposing of them

-Opting for reusable items that are traditionally single-use (Reusable/dish-washer-safe zipper freezer bags, etc.)

-Recycling; especially aluminum, glass, and cardboard.

-Disposing of food waste in the garbage disposal, or in the environment, instead of in the trash.

-Properly disposing of chemicals, paints, lithium batteries, and oils.


These habits, especially if implemented collectively, help ensure that we each treat our home with respect, without the need for sweeping social & political change. And we must treat our home with respect, regardless; it's probably the only home we get.


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