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I'm Tim, I'll be your dietitian.


Meet Your RD.

My name is Tim Smith, and I am a licensed & registered dietitian, as well as the founder of Noble Nutrition. 


To let you know about myself, I grew up in Coral Springs, FL until I was about 13 years old.  My parents and I then moved to Mooresville, NC (Go Blue Devils). Regardless of locale though, my obesity exposed me to some of the most degrading bullying imaginable; my injuries still have a measurable effect my daily life & resultant physical pain. 


One particular day in high school, though, I received a remark about my weight, and I decided to change how I was living my life as a result.  No more mindless snacking on Doritos & Hot least not every day.  Small changes over a period of time became big changes.  Just a few years later, I was down 60 lbs & had successfully run a full 26.2 mile marathon for my HS senior project.

Coming out of high school, I knew I wanted to share this idea with others: "Your health goals are possible."


In 2010, I was accepted into Appalachian State University (Go 'Neers) with a major in Exercise Science; my intent was to become a physical therapist & personal trainer.  However, I took a couple nutrition courses with the right professors, and I became hooked (Special thanks to Dr. Lisa McAnulty & Dr. Paul Moore; you inspire your students.)

In 2015, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from ASU with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, with a minor in chemistry.  In 2017, I graduated from ASU with over 1,200 hours of nutrition experience, my Master of Science, as well as my contributions in my first peer-reviewed publication.

After graduating, I've decided to come back to the area in the hope I can share the gift of wellness with the same community that helped raise me.  Since returning, I've been able to help countless individuals in the Charlotte-Lake Norman area achieve their health goals


Do you know how a client's journey usually begins?  With an anxious text message.

I'm here to answer it when you're ready,

Tim Smith MS, RD, LDN

Contact Me

Text/Call: (954) 803-8533


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