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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm nervous. I've tried so many diets/plans before, and nothing seems to work.  Even more, I don't know if I'm prepared or knowledgeable enough to achieve my goals right now.  Should I even come to NN?

A: Yes, that sounds like a perfect fit for Noble Nutrition!  However, we do know that clients with more experience/knowledge also benefit from our work together, as well; maybe just for a shorter duration.  But regardless of knowledge or prior experiences, we can help you reach your goals.

Q: How long do you usually work with your clients?

A: Our average length of follow-up is about 4 months; sometimes it's shorter, sometimes it's longer.  It's totally up to you.

Q: What is the overall flow for starting our work together?

A: Our first session takes about one hour, and we spend it getting to know one another; we'll also take some measurements, and discuss benefits/financial info. Our second session is for measuring metabolism/building your plan of action; then we begin our regular 15-45 minute follow-up visits with your nutrition program, for as long as you decide.

Q: Are Noble Nutrition's BCBS benefits checks really free?

A: Yes, NN will check your BCBS insurance policy for free.  No questions asked.  No catch.

Q: I have BCBS health insurance, but I know my policy, and I know I won't be covered.  What do we do?

A: Let us verify your benefits, as well.  Most people do not know these services are covered under their policies.

Q: What if I just want metabolic testing/meal plans?  Can I just utilize those services?

A: Of course. Whatever you need, we will provide.

Q: I hesitate to share my insurance/personal info with Noble Nutrition; do you have security measures in place?

A: Any sensitive correspondence is faxed, and emails sent to-and-from clients will be encrypted, using a HIPAA-compliant encryption service.  Further, any relevant client data will be strictly held in our private electronic medical record, and papers will be scanned and/or shredded, based on the circumstance. No mishandling of PHI or otherwise personal data; our clients' privacy & security are of utmost importance.

Q: I don't know what my goal is. I have no experience with diet or lifting or anything.  All I know is I don't feel great, and I think what I eat has something to do with it.  Can I just give you a call if I have any questions?

A: You don't have to know what to ask us, or even exactly what you want.  We're glad to talk with you at no cost & figure it out, together.  Call, text, or email NN anytime.

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