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Doctor's Appointment

"I have been meeting with Tim since August 2019, and he has been so patient as he works with me to meet my goals. He's a true teacher at heart and is always going to go the extra mile to make sure that I understand 'the why' behind 'the what.'"


"In only a few short weeks, I knew I had a friend and a cheerleader by my side. I've worked with other nutritionists in the past and did not get the same level of personalized care that I get when working with Tim. Regardless of my ups or downs, he is always there, ready to celebrate, or get me back on track. Best thing I've done for myself in years was to turn to Tim for help with nutrition and wellness."

-Maria B., former client





"I have been meeting with Tim since August of 2018. He has taught me the right way to lose weight and keep it off in a safe and effective manner that promotes a healthier body. Before meeting with him my annual blood work came back BAD; since meeting with him my first annual blood work (March) came back with ALL of my numbers being in the normal range. I also have lost 45 lbs and was able to check off a bucket list item (skydiving), without loosing all of the weight I would not have been able to that."

"If you are serious about loosing weight and want to do it the right way, give Tim a call."

Adam; Former United States Marine, Firefighter, Martial Artist & Client

"I love working with Tim. He's a great guy to talk to and he's very knowledgeable. He has developed a great plan for me that I'm actually able to follow. The plan that I'm on is realistic and all clean eating. It wasn't easy at first but my lifestyle has completely changed working with him and it's only getting better. I couldn't do it without him. I highly recommend."

-Joseph O, former client

All of the pants Joe shrunk out of.

"Tim is an awesome guy! He has the tools to help you with your goals and needs. His explanation of each concept is clear and easy to follow and understand. Along with all that, Tim has a great personality and is really fun to work with. I highly recommend his services!! You won't be disappointed."

-Ben A, former client

"I never Truly realized the significance  that Nutrition has in one's performance; not only in the gym, but in the office.  Working with Noble Nutrition has truly been a pleasure, and my athletic life will never be the same because of it."

-Kenny, spartan race monster


"Tim has been so great at helping me with my relationship with food. I have been in a love/hate relationship with food for my entire life and feel like most of my brain space has been taken up with thinking/obsessing about my next food move. Tim has helped me set realistic goals that have allowed me to move beyond this mindset. I am so much happier and feel like I have a healthier relationship with food and my body."

-Mandy M., Teacher & Former Client

"I have worked with Tim for over a year! If I actually did everything he recommends, I would probably be at my goal weight by now!

Tim is passionate about people, nutrition, optimal health and drinking your water!

Tim is a motivator and I've never met anyone who gets to know his clients like Tim to better help us reach our goals!

I recommend Tim Smith to anyone who needs that caring, educational and personal boost to get healthy."


Dawn S, Teacher & Former Client

"He is very professional, has a lot patience and love for what he is doing. He tries to find better ways to get me to my goals. I am very confident in recommending him as a guide to achieve your goals; you will feel like a totally different person after working with him."

-Gloria C., Former Client

Timothy is an AMAZING nutritionist. He's extremely knowledgeable and takes time to educate me on every facet of nutrition so I can better understand food, exercise, and my body. He was able to help me recognize I may have SIBO, and after seeing a gastroenterologist, I did! Getting rid of SIBO was life changing.

I've been working with Timothy for 16 weeks and have experienced a great physical transformation already. I highly recommend Timothy for all dietary and nutritional counseling needs.

B. Edwards, December 2021

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